ILAPI gives Prez 5 things that could make him leave a lasting legacy

A policy think tank, Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI) has in a statement outlined 5 things they believe the President could do to succeed in his second term.

According to ILAPI, the second term of President Nana Akufo-Addo Dankwa should leave behind a legacy and system that rewards efforts.

ILAPI among other things is advising the president to constitute the right size of government.

To them, a successful government does not rest in a large size of appointees but the ability to provide opportunities, prosperity and reduce borrowing.

“The importance and right size of government is not about the number of ministers and budget allocations to feed appointed government officials. The right size of government is based on its function to create opportunities for everyone. It is based on the protection of life, liberty and properties of individuals. Big government is the big enemy to prosperity. Putting an end to big government would stop the cumbersome and prickly tax system and borrowing. It will also end the diversion of individual hard-earned income into too many political decisions by giving it to people who lose nothing when funds are administered wrongly. Big government of over 110 ministers and other uncountable number of appointees did not have any measurable impact on the economy. It rather led to wasteful resources of taxpayers contributions. Big government also uses the power to make some people better off at the expense of others. They enjoy privileges, immunity and pass deals to enrich themselves. We, at ILAPI-Ghana also suggest you cap the number of Ministers to 70, without appointing any Regional Minister from Parliament. This, we believe will allow the Regional Ministers much time to administer their duties at their respective Regions.”

It has also advised the Akufo-Addo led administration to keep the public well informed on issues of contingency liabilities and other fiscal activities beyond the budget.

The government the statement added must make available the needed information the public needs to keep them informed.

“Apart from the regular budget read in parliament, the general public should be informed on issues of contingency liabilities and other fiscal activities beyond the budget. This will help prevent irresponsible spending and promote a result-centered budgeting. To do this, the government must assess the public demand for information and create a good information template to feed the public for effective fiscal monitoring.”

Read the full statement below


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