If CLOSAG deserves neutrality allowance then we deserve ‘Emotional Allowance’- Nurses & Midwives

The Ghana Registered Nurses’ and Midwives’ Association (GRNMA) is making demands for the government of Ghana to pay them what it termed “Emotional Allowance”.

The Association the nature of their job requires that they are paid ‘Emotional Allowance’.

The President of the Association, Mrs. Perpetual Ofori-Ampofo, argued that they go through various stress and emotional challenges in their line of duty hence the need to pay them an allowance to compensate for that.

She added that if CLOSAG is demanding neutrality allowance, then the nurses and midwives need ‘Emotional Allowance’.

“We could be entitled to emotional allowance considering the kind of things that we go through in our duties”, the President explained.

Mrs. Ofori-Ampofo said, “and the kind of stress that we go through, I think we need such allowance”.

“So maybe at our next negotiation table, we shall table it for consideration”, she added.

She was speaking on May 12, which has been set aside to celebrate nurses globally.

The theme for this year is: “A Voice to Lead—Invest in Nursing and Respect Rights to Secure Global Health”.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com.com/Ghana

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