‘Idiots, tribals in power making Ghana’s progress delay’-lawyer

Executive Secretary of the Ghana First Movement, a non-partisan group, Nana Adjoa Ackon-Mensah has suggested that Ghana is still struggling with only a few selfish political leaders enjoying at the expense of the poor.

The lawyer opines that just like the Greek philosophers have classified the civilization of a nation into three categories, we have idiots, tribals, and citizens in Ghana who are either contributing negatively or positively to the development of Ghana.

In her view, the political idiots are citizens who are mentally deficient, private people and self-centered as well as selfish.

These types of individuals are always looking out for their self-interest.

She added these persons do not have the virtue and the character to make a meaningful contribution towards the development of Ghana but all they care about is their personal pleasure and treasures.

Also, there are the tribalists who are suspicious of people and see others who are not from their tribes as inferior.

This category of persons she explained are defensive of their own even when they commit a crime and offend others.

To her, these persons intimidate others, use violence against others and abuse power to favour their own.

“We have these kinds of people in our judiciary, police, and other state institutions who do not think about the nation. They only think about their selfish interest and that of their allies. We are going backward with these kinds of people and we need to uproot them from our society.”

But we need the principle of a citizen and that is the philosophy of the Ghana First Platform.

A citizen is one who is knowledgeable, and skilled to help the nation develop.

They are the ones who respect the rule of law and criticize their own when they err.

As citizens, we need to have an understanding of our rights in society, the rights and freedom of others, and even go further to fight for those who have their rights infringed upon.

“That is what our platform is about and the President has asked us to be citizens and not spectators.

“His words should not be mere rhetoric. We need citizens at all levels. Ghana must move forward. Those who see themselves as citizens are few but we need more to join the fight for an equal society. Ghana must progress and we will not give up on this call.”

Meanwhile, she has asked the public not to take her descriptions out of context or see them as insults because they are not.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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