ICUs getting full, we must be cautious we don’t reach the disaster zone-GMA

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has warned of dire consequences should the public fail to adhere to the safety and preventive protocols for the Covid-19 outbreak.

The GMA says, Ghana is currently in its third wave of the virus due to the spread of the virus especially, the Delta variant.

President of GMA Dr. Frank Ankobea told Kwabena Agyapong, host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, our ICUs are getting full due to severe and critical cases.

To him, we let our guard down and that is what has caused the surge, adding the media also failed in speaking about Covid-19 and only focused on political stories.

The disregard of protocols at funerals, weddings and other events contributed to the surge, he added.

He stressed our ICUs are almost overwhelmed because when patients are sent to these ICUs, they are told the places are full.

”But the good thing is that, if we adhere to the safety protocols and enforce them to the latter, we will reduce the spread, and we shall overcome.”

He warned, ”the Delta variant spreads faster hence we have to be cautious. The good news is that the protocols have not changed. The washing of hands, wearing of nose masks, social distancing are all important. We have to keep doing them,” he added.

Meanwhile, he has asked the government to continue with the vaccination exercise, adding those who have been vaccinated are still at risk and should not take the protocols for granted.


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