I was transferred for criticizing the gov’t while working as a civil servant- Adib Saani reveals

Security analyst Adib Saani, has revealed in an interview that his constructive criticism of the government got him transferred.

He advised the Police to conduct themselves professionally and with their conscience without influence from political leaders.

He said ”we witnessed situations where military men, were deployed to guard lands because they were sanctioned by politicians”.

Adib Saani said on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that ”I was working in the civil service at a point. I was summoned to a meeting following some comments I made. They told me I had made some comments and the orders from above were that an action should be taken against me because I was making the government unpopular”.

According to him, his response was that the President had asked Ghanaians to be citizens and not spectators and so ”If I had criticized the government in the interest of the state and I would be punished, so it. After that, I was transferred. At least I was happy because my conscience was free. I would rather be truthful and be transferred than be a bootlicker. If you are a bootlicker, it might get you to the top but it will not get you there”.

He wondered why some individuals left their principles behind and were unable to criticise where necessary

To him, if the Police were professional and resisted any interference, what we witnessed on Tuesday, would not have happened.

He said Ghanaians have complained of the economic conditions and opposed the national cathedral, and yet the government has invested Ghc200 million into the project.

He suggested Ghanaians are fed up and protesting because they have realised that the government was not prepared to listen to them.

The analyst was reacting to the violence that marred the first day of the Arise Ghana demonstration.

In his assessment, he claimed ”the order from above, which the Police constantly referred to in preventing the demonstrators from using the original routes for the demonstration came from the Jubilee House ”and that was what caused the violence. We would not have witnessed the violence if that statement had not been made”.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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