I support playing the premier league behind close doors but…. – Takyi Arhin

The Ghana Premier League has been on a hault due to the outbreak of the deadly pandemic COVID-19 and its uncertain when fans of the various football clubs will be back inside the stadiums.

Renowned football administrator Takyi Arhin widely known as Thunder has seconded the decision to continue the premier league behind close doors as been done in the Bundesliga.

Germany’s Bundesliga is the first top international soccer league to return to the pitch after suspending its season due to the coronavirus pandemic in early March.

Speaking to Isaac Wallace on Rainbow sports the football administrator said he is in support of the move by the FA to proceed with the Premier league behind closed doors but the government must reveal funds to the clubs in other to ensure the smooth running of the league.

According to Takyi Arhin , Alhaji Grusha’s claim that government should give each club 150,000 dollars is below belt and unprofessional.

We can play football behind closed as started in the Bundesliga and All players must be tested before the Virtual game can kickstart in other to prevent the outbreak of the deadly pandemic.

Most premier league clubs in Ghana now are in financial crises and needs the help of Government if we want to proceed with the league behind close doors.

In Germany for example the virtual league is adhering to strict measures while the matches are been played he added.

Moreover Stimulus packages must given to clubs to fast track the decision to continue the league behind close doors.

By: Christopher Agbodo Ranson

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