I served Mills with loyalty & I’II continue to do so to keep his legacies alive-Anyidoho

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Atta-Mills Institute, Koku Anyidoho has emphasised that his appointed as Head of Communications at the presidency by the late President Mills was not on a silver platter, as some may have perceived.

According to him, he was appointed by the late president on merit and his loyalty to serve.

He indicated that the work he did behind the scenes caught the attention of the late president who found him capable hence appointing him as head of his communications team for his campaign.

‘’Just for the records, it was Professor Atta-Mills who personally called me on phone in 2006 (so I had to resign my job as Head of Treasury and Investments at the then Metropolitan and Allied Bank, the first private commercial bank in Ghana) to join him as Head of his Communications Team during his bid to seek a third opportunity to lead the National Democratic Congress as its Flagbearer – and when he became Flagbearer, I managed the Campaign Communications which got him elected as President.

That is the reason he appointed me to be the Head of Communications at the Presidency – my presence at the Presidency was certainly not a fortuitous one.

Of course prior to 2006, I had been doing a lot of work behind the scenes for the NDC since its formation – especially after the Party lost the 2000 General Elections.’’

‘’Indeed, it is the kind of work that I was doing in the background that caught the attention of Professor Atta-Mills for which reason he decided to move me into the nerve-centre of his third presidential campaign bid, and also to the presidency.’’

According to him, he was loyal and committed to John Evans Atta-Mills, and if we should rewind the clock, I will work for him with even more loyalty and commitment. He was a good man with a very kind heart and I have no regrets ever working for him and being extremely loyal and committed to him.

After all, the bible teaches us to be loyal to our Leaders at all levels. Of course, he reciprocated – by also being very loyal to me unto the end. 
Together; we saddled the horses, mowed the lawns, tilled the soil, shared good moments, comforted each other in pain, and we smiled at all storms because Christ was in the vessel with us.

If I therefore offended anyone in my line of duty, it could not have been deliberate; it could only have been a derivative of a loyal and committed desire to PROTECT and PROJECT President John Evans Atta-Mills.’’

Perfecting the legacies of Mills

The former deputy general secretary of the NDC who is currently championing the mindset transformation through the Atta-Mills Institute said it would be important for citizens to transform our mindsets and give greater meaning to the ideas and ideals that the late President espoused and lived for, through our Mindset Transformation Agenda of helping to awaken the consciousness of the nation towards a better growth trajectory, instead of mourning because no amount of mourning shall bring our dear late President back to us.

He made these remarks at the first Seminar Series Organised by the Institute in commemoration of the 7th anniversary of the passing of the late president.

Recounting some fond memories of the late president he said: ‘’In 2008, then Candidate Atta-Mills, transformed the face of Ghanaian politics when he introduced his retail form of campaigning, by going to the people, in, the, markets, lorry parks, churches, mosques, homes, and preached his gospel of a Better Ghana.

‘’President Atta-Mills succeeded in touching the hearts and minds of majority of Ghanaians and was given the mandate to lead the nation,’’ he added.

To him, ‘’the name John Evans Atta-Mills is most definitely in the league of Reformers and Transformational Leaders and those of us who had the rare privilege to work with such a genius, must do all we can to keep his legacy alive just as Plato, kept the legacy of his teacher, Socrates, alive.

The Atta Mills Institute

Touching on the role of the Atta-Mills Institute he said: ‘’The Atta-Mills Institute was registered and incorporated in 2017 and we have been doing some little things on the quiet but we cannot continue to operate on the quiet any longer hence this Maiden Seminar, which is the beginning of greater and bigger things to come as has already been declared in the realms of the Heavens.

He continued: ‘’Though John Evans Atta-Mills left the shores of human existence as a politician belonging to a political party; he also left as a President and statesman who was Father For All.

To this end, I make the point without any equivocation that; The Atta-Mills Institute is a non-partisan, non-governmental, not-for-profit, Research, Education and Advocacy Policy Thank-Tank.

I repeat; The Atta-Mills Institute is a non-partisan, non-political, non-governmental, father/mother for all nation-building Research, Education and Advocacy Policy Think-Tank.’’

The desire of the institute he explained is to serve our Nation Ghana and other nations devoid of any partisan colouration.

‘’Focusing more on research, and educating the citizenry through civic education and developing the much-needed mindset of, civic responsibility, is what we seek most to do because President Atta-Mills lived his whole working life teaching and imparting knowledge.

To this end, the AMI aims at advocating and advancing the course of civic education to promote Mindset Transformation as the most progressive approach to genuinely transforming the nation and building the Better Ghana that we all yearn for,’’ he said.

The AMI believes that it is only a healthy mindset that will lead us to a wealthy Ghana.

The leaf-green colour and the cowrie in the logo speaks to the institute’s  deep-seated belief that it is only Knowledge with Integrity that will drive us to the point of becoming a Wealthy and Prosperous nation.

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