I rejected over $100k record label deal-Gasmilla

Ghanaian musician Gasmilla says he is an independent artiste and has remained so for several years.

Speaking on Rainbow Entertainment with DJ Slash, the ‘Telemo’ hitmaker said since the beginning of his career, he has not been under any management.

Gasmilla told the host that his mother was his executive producer during his early days.

”I have been an independent artiste. I have invested in myself and never regretted it. If you are listening to me and you want to do music and the help is not coming, don’t wait for anyone. Don’t wait for a manager, don’t wait for a friend, just move.,” he added.

When asked if he does not agree to the fact that record labels are helpful and if any of them has not approached him, he said: ”a label approached me and promised $100,000 but the only problem was that they wanted my back art log. But I refused. My back art log is for my children so I could not have allowed them to take it. They wanted me to give it to them so they will be collecting royalties from it.”

He explained he could not have handed his old songs to the record label because they did not work for it.

He added it would have been difficult for him to have gained back these songs if he had signed the deal.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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