I never threatened EC-PNC Chair reacts to CID’s invitation

The Chairman of the Peoples National Convention (PNC), Mr Bernard Mornah reacted to an invitation extended to him by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service over alleged threat against the EC, should it decide to go ahead with the compilation of a new voter’s register in late June 2020.

The chair says he only cautioned the Electoral Commission (EC) on the chaos that could come up should it decide to go ahead with the new voters’ registration exercise.

Mr. Mornah a few days ago cautioned the EC to abort its decision to compile a new register or the inter-party group against the exercise will disrupt the exercise.

The Inter-Party Resistance Against Voters Register (IPRAN), made up of six political parties, including the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and PNC served notice that it will disrupt the activities of the Electoral Commission (EC) if it goes ahead to compile a new voters’ register for the 2020 general elections.

Bernard Mornah, addressing the press described as disappointing the EC’s move to amend C.I 91 Section 1(3), to exclude the current voter ID card as part of the primary identification documents required by an eligible voter to go through with registration ahead of the December polls.

He said, “It is disappointing and disheartening to note that that was the first time political parties in the Resistance had heard about this blatant attempt at political bigotry by the EC to exclude close to about 10 million eligible voters from registering to vote in this year’s general elections.”

“We have heard some of the misleading and deceptive claims from the EC, ostensibly arguing that the exclusion of the existing voter ID card, was driven by a ‘school of thought’ that some foreigners may be carrying the voter ID card and some others who registered in 2012 with NHIS Card may still be on the register.

“This argument is preposterous and repulsive, to say the least as the so-called reliable identification documents (Ghana Card and Passport) are also fraught with the same allegation of foreigners’ infiltration and in some instances, foreigners possessing same have been arrested as reported,” he added.

The CID is currently investigating him for these comments.

The CID in its invitation to him said: “The CID Headquarters is investigating a case in which you were alleged to have threatened to resist any attempt by the Electoral Commission (EC) to compile a new voter’s register for the 2020 general election.”

“You were also heard in a video interview to have threatened “that people who are already Ghanaians and already registered are going to be taken out of the register, don’t you think confusion will come at the registration and if confusion come there, you think the EC staff will be safe, we will beat each other there, we will kill each other there if that is what the EC want to lead this nation to,” the invitation letter dated May 28, 2020 and signed by Barima Tweneboah Sasraku III, a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) for the Director-General of CID said.

But reacting to the invitation which he is expected to honour on June 2, 2020, Mr Mornah said he was only cautioning the EC to be aware of the fact if it was “intending to flip us [Ghanaians] through this dangerous path, they should know that there would be confusion.”

“And so it is a caution. If cautions become threats, I will not run away from it. But you know, I don’t know who thought the CID English in school because my English teacher when he sees this statement will know that it is a caution and that he taught me English well, and that a caution cannot represent a threat. But if they see it as a threat, then I may have to bring my English teacher to tell them that caution is different from threat,” he told Accra based Citi Fm.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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