I never said we’II use toll booths for urinal-Roads Minister

The Minister for Roads and Highways Mr. Amoako Atta has denied stating that the toll booths across the country would be used for places of convenience.

The Minister who is also the MP for Atiwa West said his comments have been misconstrued by the media.

The Minister for Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako-Attah, had disclosed tollbooths across the country would be used to serve another public purpose since the collection of road tolls has been abolished by the government.

“We even want to refurbish all tollbooth structures to provide proper and decent washrooms for the use by motorists so that we advised them to desist from that practice where sometimes you see cars stopping on the highway and people getting down to wee-wee as we usually see”, he said.

But the Minister has made a U-turn on what he said.

He said: ”Mr. Speaker I was speaking to the press and they wanted to know the future of all the toll booths and among others, I said the Ministry has plans and government has plans; we are thinking of a lot of ways to use the toll booths and among them, I said that even the current toll booths we have about 38 of them at various points in the country. And as part of it, we are even going to improve the sanitary situation in all these spaces.

I said, among, other things, that for instance, on the highway, and we all see it all the time. Vehicles stop indiscriminately, and drivers, passengers, get down, and you see people urinating indiscriminately, so if among, other things, we improve the sanitary situation at these toll booths, you won’t even allow drivers and passengers,” won’t stop indiscriminately.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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