I know’ve disappointed my family for choosing comedy but…Ajeezay

Popular Ghanaian comedian, Ajeezay, has revealed in an interview on the mid-morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that his parents were not in support of his career choice.

Speaking to sit-in host Sammi Brown, the comedian said his late father wanted him to be a Vice-Chancellor hence they invested a lot in his education.

The comedian explained that he graduated with a first-class degree from the University of Cape Coast (UCC) having studied a Bachelor of Science in Education and majored in Chemistry and Biology.

When he graduated from UCC, the comedian, whose father was a lawyer, indicates he was the highest performing student in his group and that was something he was expected to continue with but he chose to do comedy which the family was disappointed with.

”I know I have disappointed my family but I cannot give up my comedy,” he said.

He also disclosed he had plans of buying a V8 for his late father who lost in January this year from his comedy but unfortunately he has passed on.

When asked if he had made money from comedy he said he did not get into comedy for money and that was his intention, he would have pursued other career choices.

”I did not enter comedy because of the money, if that was the idea, I would have pursued a different path because I have what it takes to be employed anywhere,” he added.

The comedian said his family have now come to appreciate his craft and love what he does.

By: Rashid Oboda Provencal

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