I cannot stop corruption but will make it costly to engage in-SP Nominee

The Special Prosecutor nominee Kisi Agyepeng has pledged to make corruption in Ghana “very costly” to engage in.

The nominee on Thursday, July 22, 2021, told the Vetting Committee that he would institute what he called “pressure for progress” for institutions.

In this quest, there would be a systemic review of all public agencies and the development of integrity plans.

He was hopeful he could develop Ghana’s own corruption perception index that would allow him to measure the progress of all institutions of the state against each other.

When this is done, the results would be published and in that quest, all the institutions would do their best to perform well.

Lawyer Kissi Agyebeng when asked where he would draw his powers from in the execution of this pledge said the Special Prosecutor’s Act will grant him that power.

Meanwhile, he has also declared that he would not be able to stop corruption in Ghana but stressed he would make it costly to engage in.

He also suggested that scrapping the office of Special Prosecutor would derail the fight against corruption.

He argued that the Special Prosecutor office remains extremely relevant in uncovering corrupt acts in the country.

“The day we scrap this [Special Prosecutor] office is the day we say goodbye to our fight against corruption. Its relevance is borne out of its attributes and uniqueness. It is unique as compared to all other law-enforcement agencies in respect of its mandate. No other institution has been carefully thought out and designed to fight corruption specifically as Act 959 had done,” he said.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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