How can you legalise wee after you’ve chop-chop our oil money? Nkrumah

The National Youth Coordinator for the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Divine Nkrumah, has expressed doubt in the proper management of resources that would be generated from the legislation of marijuana.

He said the mismanagement of our oil resources should be a guide for us to learn from if we want marijuana to be legalised for commercial purposes.

Speaking on Frontline on Rainbow R5adio 87.5Fm, Divine Nkrumah said Ghana is currently experiencing extreme economic hardship.

Divine Nkrumah noted the previous Mahama led administration was voted out due to his inability to manage the nation well, and so, we expected the Nana Addo led administration to be different.

However, the two parties are not different from each other.

”President Akufo-Addo has failed us. Our leaders are not serious. Those managing the nation are not serious,” he lamented.

He was reacting to the leaked sponsorship package from the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation to some individuals and bodies as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Divine Nkrumah said he was scandalised that the state body has wasted such amount of resources on sponsorship requests for individuals to spend.

He wondered why GNPC failed to invest the money at the Tema General Hospital where they lack beds. He also wondered why the GNPC failed to allocate the resources into other viable ventures instead of wasting it on festivals and unnecessary things.

”We claim we want to legalise wee in the country due to the commercial benefits. We have not been able to manage the oil resources well, and we want to legalise wee. We should allow the wee to remain in the soil because our failure to manage our resources has exposed us.”

Divine Nkrumah has warned we will soon feed on humans due to the economic hardship we encountering under the ruling NPP.

”We will soon feed on humans because the economic hardship is unbearable. Ghanaians are disappointed and feeling the hardship. If we lose confidence in our systems including the NDC and NPP, the next available option, we won’t like it.”

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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