HOT VIDEO: The US election is not over yet-Prophet Kobi

General Overseer of the Glorious Wave Ministries International Prophet Badu Kobi has reacted to his prophecy about Donald Trump winning the 2020 polls.

His reaction is coming following social media ridicule that his prophecy has failed.

However, the man of God says his prophecy will still come to pass because the US election is not over.

The man of God had prophesied that although Joe Biden would garner more sites than Trump, Donald Trump will retain his seat.

“On America, I said the votes are for Biden but the seat is for Trump. The movie has not ended. Can I say it again, the movie has not ended.”

Prophet Badu Kobi in a Sunday service indicated that he saw Biden holding the votes but Trump used his palm to hit his hands and take the votes from him and left.

“The movie has not ended. From Monday, Trump is going to court. I am not going to answer anyone because the election itself is not over. I will not answer now. When everything is over, then I will talk.”


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