Having less than 7 hours sleep will shrink the size of your penis-Men told

The Chief Executive Officer of Noble Trust Herbal Clinic, Dr. George Donkor has advised the public, especially men, to have enough sleep as part of measures to enhance their health and sex life.

The award-winning practitioner said the more we sleep, the more healthy we become, and as an adult from 20 to 80 years, it is advisable to have a sleep between 7-9 hours every day.

He explained that men who do not have enough sleep would have their testicles shrink in size, a situation that could affect their male vitality, their performance in bed and the quality of their sperms.

Dr. Donkor said not having enough could lead to several medical conditions such as dementia, diabetes, obesity but one of the key things in men is that they develop the reduced size of their testicles or shrinking testicles.

He said men not having enough sleep risk having the production of their testosterone in the evenings affected, and we are not able to produce enough.

This affects the sperm cells, and the testicles shrink in size and affect a lot of men.

”In men when your testicles are smaller, your testosterone level would also be low. When it is low, it affects how your body performs. When the testosterone level is low, your sex drive would be low. The testosterone stimulates the testicles to produce healthy sperms, and when they are low, the quantity, and quality of the sperms would be impaired.

He went on to state that the erection in men could also be impaired, and the best way to resolve this is to have enough sleep.

The ideal time for sleep for adults between the ages of 20 and 80 years is 7-9 hours. If it is less than 7-8 hours, you could suffer these medical conditions, he added.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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