Hatred & juju retarding progress of Black Stars-Taylor

Former Ghanaian footballer Charles Taylor has admitted that there is the use of ‘juju’ in football but it does not necessarily make a team win matches.

The former Black Stars player in an interview with Rainbow Sports admitted that there are players who depend on ‘juju’ to enhance their career and go at all length to seek spiritual help from different sources just to shine.

He also admitted some players use ‘juju’ against other players they see as a threat to their career as footballers.

He was responding to suggestions that the use of ‘juju’ has prevented several Ghanaian footballers who are based abroad from joining the national team when they are given a call.

He refuted such claims saying being called into the national team is an honour every player would want to experience in their professional career.
Charles Taylor speaking to Wallace Worlanyo said anyone who will rule out the use of ‘juju’ in football is a joker.

However, the ‘juju’ cannot make the team succeed but individually, players travel to Benin to seek spiritual help.

“If ‘juju’ can help a team win matches, they Benin should have been winning world cups. But what can be used to destroy people is real.”

He disclosed he has personally seen and witnessed players using ‘juju’ but had their career brought to an end.

He said he saw players using ‘juju’ to bath and use in different means in order for them to shine.

Charles Taylor said he never used ‘juju’ because he was personally gifted and believed in God.

He advised players to depend on God and stop using ‘juju’ because the use of ‘juju’ is affecting the national team.

He noted there is hatred in the national team because the love of money and the decision by some players to use ‘juju’ is terrible.

Some players he added are always given a call even when their performance does not meet the standard needed because of ‘juju’.

By: Rashid Obodaai Provencal

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