‘Has the president lost common sense by allowing the military to intimidate voters’-NDC MP slams

The Member of Parliament for Buem constituency Daniel Kwasi Ashiamah has taken President Akufo-Addo to the cleaners accusing him of instructing the military command to intimidate eligible voters in the ongoing voter registration exercise in the Volta and some other regions.

The MP is alleging that the military personnel who were deployed to the regions on grounds of going to protect our borders from intruders is false because the president is deep-rooted in the ongoing vilification and intimidation of eligible voters.

He described the incident as an insult, social injustice and an attack to the race of Ghanaians who have been described as Togolese.

”The government is using the military to intimidate residents in these towns from registering to vote in December. But I want to tell President Akufo-Addo we don’t need Togolese top vote his incompetent government out,” he declared.

The legislator warned the president to tread cautiously because his action is fuelling more agitations especially when the Western Togoland group have asked to be liberated and given their independence.

He said, when the people in Western Togoland asked for their independence, you refused but when it got to the registration exercise, you claim there are from Togo. This is an insult and an attack on their ethnicity. President Akufo-Addo is a lawyer and must stop this social injustice. Who told the president these people are from Togo? Excuse me to say this is a blanket statement and myopic statement that is fuelling hatred, pain and ethnic cleansing. I will encourage my people to stand their ground and register. What is the sense in this? This is nonsense and I repeat, an insult. If you hear somebody speaking Ewe and you say he or she is not a Ghanaian, what do you mean? It is not the prerogative of the president to tell me who I am. I have senses and the constitution of Ghana has spelt out how the process should be carried. And I am disturbed that upon all these insults, there some Voltarians campaigning for the NPP.”

He continued: ”how do you call a president who allows the military to intimidate and stop people from registering. Now there is a group demanding for independence and yet you do not want to give them. Don’t you know this is fuelling that? This is common sense. The president ought to know.”

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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