‘Govt stops showing of ‘Freedom & Justice’ movie on corruption’

The much anticipated ‘Freedom and Justice’, movie has been banned from showing as scheduled.

The movie was scheduled to have been screened nationwide but the producers of the movie has disclosed the screenings have been banned.

According to the producers, the venues booked for the screenings were served with letters from the Ghana Tourism Authority not to show the movie.

They also disclosed they were not originally served with any letter.

The controversial movie touches on corruption and a group of young men who held politicians hostage demanding accountability.

The officials who were held hostage were forced to confess to stealing resources from the state and compromising their leadership to allow unlawful activities to go on in the country.

‘You, lie, you die’ that was the tag the young persons used to having the politicians confess to their crimes.

The movie has already generated mixed reactions among movie lovers with some already purchasing tickets to go and watch.

The producers have since apologized to the persons who have bought the tickets and promised to refund.

The educative and informative movie was written and directed by Kobi Rana and produced by Kafui Danku.


By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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