Gov’t must compel Akroma Gold Mines to give us our compensation-Chief, Residents

The Chief and residents of Kwahu Esaase are calling on the government to intervene in negotiations between them and the Akroma Gold Mines Company in order to compel the company to fulfil their agreement towards the development of the community.

According to them, it’s been close to thirty years since soldiers aided the gold mining company to forcibly relocate residents from their original settlements to their current location.

But till date, the community lack social amenities such as potable drinking water, toilet facilities, jobs, amongst others.

They also complained of what they described as extremely dilapidated structures such as their rooms, the unavailability of a toilet facility in the community, lack of job opportunities and above all, the impotent nature of their farmlands.

The infertile nature of the farms they said is affecting food crops due to the chemicals used for the mining.

This they said is a major challenge confronting them, thereby subjecting residents to hunger.

They are therefore calling on the government to intervene and compel the Akroma Gold mining company to fulfil compensation agreements to them to augment the development of the area.

The Krontihene of the community, Nana Akwasi Agyei said the situation was terrible, and authorities must step in to give the community what they deserve.

He lamented hardship that confronts the people saying they need help.

The intervention from the government he said must be swift.


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