Gov’t achieves target for T-Bills auctioning

The government has exceeded its target for its Treasury bills auctioning, after months of under-subscriptions.

The record shows that as of Friday, June 3, 2022, the government secured ¢1.395 billion from the sale of the 91-day and 182-day Treasury bills, nearly 14% oversubscription.

But the data shows that the record was achieved at a higher cost in order to achieve the target of ¢1.228 billion.

The results further revealed that the 3-months bill was the financial instrument highly patronised, but at an interest cost of 22.57%.

Aside from that, ¢1.22 billion was mobilised from the sale of the short term instrument.

Also, ¢172.9 million was secured from the 182-day T-bills at an interest rate of 24.41%.

SecuritiesBids Tendered (GH¢)Bids Accepted (GH¢)Interest rate
91 Day Bill1.222 billion 1.222 billion22.574%
182 Day Bill172.96 million 172.96 million24.410%
Total1.395 billion 1.395 billion 
Target1.228 billion


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