Gold Coast Fund proposes asset swap with investors

The investment firm, Gold Coast Fund Management has put in place another payment plan for its investors.

Known as the asset swap, customers of the investment company would have to either opt for new vehicles, television sets, fridges, land along with other assets.

This was made known through a Facebook of Group Chairman of Groupe Nduom, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom.
In addition, asset swaps – land, vehicles, televisions, fridges, motorcycles, buildings are also happening. Anyone interested in swapping their investments for new vehicles, TVs, Fridges, etc. should contact the Call Centre:
Open Hours: 8 am – 5 pm
Phone: +233 (0) 302 211411 and +233 (0) 302 211410
WhatsApp: +233 (0) 50 538 3028
Email OR

When we get payments from Government Agencies on infrastructure project receivables, we will make payments to those with higher value investments (i.e. more than 10,000).

Once again, this is NOT a promise. The payments are happenings” it said.

The firm had in the past struggle to pay clients due to what they said was the government’s inability to pay debts owed contractors for work executed.

But contrary to claims that the company has failed to pay its customers, Dr. Nduom has disclosed over GHc200 million has been paid to investors.

He further noted payment was still ongoing and all customers of the firm would be paid by the end of the year.

His post read: “a number of people keep asking about payments of GCFM Structured Finance (SF) investments. The fact of the matter is that payments have been ongoing. So far, over 200 million Ghana Cedis have been given back to investors. Currently, payments are being made every day to those who made investments with less than 2,000 Ghana Cedis. Every day, by MOMO and bank transfers.

When those are done, we will move to investments less, than 5,000 and then those less than 10,000. All of these, about 25,000 accounts will be done by the end of the year. These payments are being made with investments we are redeeming from individuals and companies.

The names of those being paid now have been published in the Today newspaper and others. There is no need for anyone to spend money to go to any office. Calls are being made to confirm the MOMO and bank account details every day, “it added.

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