Ghana’s economy was already in crisis before Covid-19-World Bank Country Director

The World Bank Country Director for Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, Mr. Pierre Laporte has opined that although Covid-19 had an impact on the Ghanaian economy, it was already in crisis before the virus hit us.

He is therefore asking the government to be transparent with the people regarding the state of affairs of the economy.

“Is it a really serious situation ? Well, the numbers speak for themselves. The situation is very serious. At the World Bank, we’ve not hidden the fact when we’ve held discussions with government officials and even the head of state that, Ghana faces a very tough road ahead to restore macro sustainability.

“Yes, COVID-19 has not helped. But even before COVID-19, there were signs that the situation was getting a little bit challenging. So the key thing is to be transparent with the people. Yes, the figures speak for themselves, but not everybody is as educated as we are. Not everyone understands what the numbers mean, so it is important to talk about it like we are doing. More important is for us to find solutions for the problem.”

He made the remarks at a public lecture in Accra on Monday March 7.


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