Ghana’s competitive potential depends on us making smart infrastructure choices-Agyepong

Ghanaian consulting engineer with expertise in sanitation engineering and environmental, water and sanitation Ing. Kwabena Agyei Agyepong has posited that the increased frequency of extreme events in Ghana has exposed the inadequacies of the existing infrastructure.

The celebrated engineer believes the current growth in our population exerts ever-increasing pressure on the already overtaxed existing infrastructure.

According to him, there was the need for us to be ready to adapt to serve the millions of new customers and provide job opportunities.

”We also need to consider the many demographic and cultural changes that society is experiencing especially the uncontrolled urbanization, to efficiently determine the exact needs of our country and its people,” he said while addressing the 2021 National Infrastructure Summit under the theme ”AfCTA Financing and the Construction Industry in Ghana; Myths or Reality”.

Mr. Agyepong posited that Ghana must adopt a proactive approach to problems rather than a reactive one by accelerating the shift to the principles of the closed-loop CIRCULAR ECONOMY and a more carbon-efficient infrastructure system.

”There should be increased collaboration between Built Environment Professionals involved in the design and delivery of Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure. There is more than enough evidence around us to showcase the overwhelmed state of our infrastructure.

To a high degree, Ghana’s ability to realize its competitive potential depends on us making smart infrastructure choices. These choices must specifically respond to our economic, demographic, fiscal, and environmental changes if they are to help Ghanaians, places and businesses thrive and prosper,” he added.

To him, ”…if we must become a relevant player within the AfCTA, we must be ready and equipped to meet the needs of not just our country but other African countries. The Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry must step up our business relations and marketing capabilities all of which will immensely contribute to the building of a mutually beneficial relationship and growth of both the private and public sectors of Ghana”.


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