Ghanaians must come to terms with the reality of diversifying natural resources-Ofori-Atta

”I hope the entire nation will come to terms with the reality of diversifying the country’s natural resources and leverage them into equity”, Finance Minister-designate Ken ofori Atta has stated.

The nominee said this in response to an answer on the Agyapa Royalties deal.

He told the Vetting Committee that it was for this reason that the President asked that the Agyapa Royalties agreement be resubmitted to Parliament, he told the Appointments Committee of Parliament during his vetting on Thursday, March 25.

“What do we do with our natural resources to leverage it into equity? I think that is a question that we have to face,” he said.

“As to how that is mobilized and with the issues we contend with, I think that is the reason why the president wants us to submit to parliament.

“Philosophically, I hope we are all going to come to terms with the reality of diversifying how we capitalize and fund that transformation which we intend to do.”


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