Ghanaians have registered sim cards with funny names such as ‘Abonsam Tawa’-NITA Boss

The National Information Technology Agency (NITA) has justified the directed for sim card users to re-register their sim cards by June 2020 or lose their numbers.

Acting Director of NITA Kwaky Kyei Ofori speaking in an interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said the directive was in line with measures to reduce crime in Ghana.

The Ministry of Communications has directed that all sim card users re-register the contacts or lose them by June 2020.

The directive came with varied opinions with some opposition leaders slamming the government.

But the NITA boss says the directive was to keep track of all sim card users since some were registered with funny names such as ‘God is Great’.

He disclosed that there have been situations where people registered their cards with names such as ‘Bonsam Tawa’ which means ‘Devil’s Rod’. Another funny name I have come across is and ‘Jesus Christ’.

”How do you track people like that? But if the person has properly registered their cards, you can track them in every corner of the country. The registration will reduce crime,” he said.

”The re-registration is our best opportunity to move into the digital space securely and safely, and so I will encourage Ghanaians to take advantage of the re-registration exercise.”

He lamented how some unscrupulous persons sell pre-registered SIM cards to subscribers, which enabled subscribers to use the numbers to commit various crimes without tracing their identities.

The re-registration exercise would help the law enforcement agencies to identify the SIM card owners, track criminals who use phones for illegal activities. It will reduce crime drastically, so take advantage of of it,” he stressed.

The exercise could also fight phone theft, and mobile fraud activities, inciting violence, and combat crime like SIM Box fraud.

Ghana enacted the Subscriber Identity Module Registration Regulations, 2011, L.I (2006) primarily to reduce mobile phone related crimes such as prank calls, cybercrime, mobile money fraud and its related issues and general security of the nation.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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