Ghanaian secular musicians are going to hell-Fianko

Ghanaian musician Fianko has disclosed on Rainbow Entertainment that his encounter with God has made him depart from his old ways to embrace salvation.

Speaking with host DJ Slash, he said he was formally in the world and lost but has found the light and currently preaching the gospel of Christ for the lost souls.

Fianko who described himself as the original ‘rap sofo’ said musicians in Ghana who do secular songs are ‘tugimi’ because there are lost and need salvation.

He told the host that God has ordained him to draw the lost to his kingdom hence he would use his gospel songs to transform lives.

Fianko said the proceeds from his songs would go into caring for the mentally unstable and deprived persons.

The musician in his submission opined that some gospel musicians are also interested in the money and not necessarily to win souls or to preach the gospel.

According to him, he had gone through several challenges including drug abuse but has put all these behind him and has embraced salvation, and wants his colleague musicians especially those in the secular world to do the same.

He averred that there is an opportunity for these musicians to turn to God and have their souls saved so they would be not sent to condemnation and hellfire.


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