Ghanaian media lazy in fact-checking lying politicians-Lecturer

A lecturer at the Ghana Telecom University College, Mr. Osei Piesie, has slammed the Ghanaian the media for failing to hold politicians accountable to their words.
The lecturer says the media does not hold politicians accountable when they make false claims and misinform the public.
Mr. Osei Piesie said although fact-checking is important, the media does not bother doing that when they engage politicians on their platforms.

He said it was important for the media to ensure that political leaders get their facts right.‘’I will blame the media for the way politicians get away with misinformation and lies. The media does not verify the facts or fact check the information,’’ he said.
He explained the media is seen as the fourth estate of the realm and gatekeepers hence they must be bold and put politicians to check.
‘’The media is said to be the gatekeeper but how is the media keeping the gate? Some promised to provide every constituency $ 1 million then later they said they never promised to do that. Another party is claiming they would scrap free senior high school then later made a U-turn saying it never said that. How is the media putting these politicians to check?
In his view, the media is responsible for 70 per cent of the problems confronting the nation.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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