‘Ghana not doing bad in fighting corruption but we can do better’-Kissi Agyebeng

The Special Prosecutor nominee Kissi Agyebeng has posited that although Ghana’s corruption keeps dropping, it’s better than the accepted global average.

He was responding to a question asked by lawyer Francis Xavier-Sosu, the Madina MP, who drew his attention to the effect that Ghana’s perception index was negative when it comes to the Nana Addo led administration.

The legislator also noted that public perception about the Office of Special Prosecutor has dwindled and what would he do to regain public trust.

The nominee, in his response, argued that the last corruption perception index by Transparency international scored Ghana 43 which, is ”actually the world average”.

He said the African average is 32, and so, we are not doing so bad. But we need to go beyond what we see. It appears we have been a bit stagnant on that trajectory,’ he added.

The nominee admitted that he would not be able to stop corruption because not even God can stop it.

However, he was willing to make it costly for people to engage in it.

“I am not naïve to say that I am here to stop corruption, and indeed God himself will not even acclaim to that, but I’m going to make corruption very costly to engage in,” he stressed.

Responding to questions on corruption, conflict of interest and others, the nominee said he has developed strategies to fight corruption if approved.

“I will institute what I call, pressure for progress and institute systemic review of public sector institutions and the development of integrity.

“Why can’t we have our own corruption perception index and publish them as to which institution is performing well and in that quest. If you are head and your sector is drawing the last straw, I’m sure you will sit up and this, the law gives me the mandate to do,” he said.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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