Ghana is hard but we cannot stop paying taxes so let’s support E-Levy-Analyst

Political analyst Mr. Boakye Yiadom has admitted that Ghana is currently facing challenges with citizens complaining of economic hardship.

But it does not mean we have to stop collecting taxes to develop the country, he added.

Reacting to the passage of the E-Levy, he said we are currently experiencing the aftermath of the covid-19 outbreak and the ongoing Russian and Ukraine war.

However, we cannot stop collecting taxes. We need the taxes to pay workers, construct roads, provide portable drinking water and that is why the passage of the E-Levy is good.

What Ghanaians must do is hold the government to account and ensure that the taxes collected from the levy are used for the intended purpose. We have a responsibility as Ghanaians to pay our taxes and then demand accountability from our leaders”.

“We cannot rule the country without taxes. We have to support the government,” he stressed.

He asked the Minority to let go and forget about their court case.

He said if they were against it and the government found a way to pass it, they should let go and forget about going to court.


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