‘’Ghana is a much better shape than when we took office-Ofori-Atta- [AUDIO]

The Finance Minister Ken Ofori- Atta has opined that Ghana is currently in a better shape as compared to when the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC) was in power.

“The shared successes achieved so far attests to the fact that, like the good stewards mentioned in the parable of the talents in the Bible, we have prudently utilised the very limited resources that we were entrusted with to achieve much more,’’ he said during the presentation of the mid-year budget review.

“We are serving the people better in keeping their lights on; in getting our children into the classrooms and feeding them there; in getting our NHIS cards to work; in reducing the cost and hassle of clearing goods at our ports, in keeping more police on our streets, in helping farmers to produce more and earn more.”

He said inflation dropped to single-digit and dropping; Interest rates continue to drop; External payments position has strengthened; Exchange rates have been more stable; the fiscal deficit has reduced to below 5%; Real GDP growth has rebounded and remains robust; Debt to GDP ratio is below 60% and the banking sector rescued and recapitalized.

He said as a result of the bold and decisive measures taken  to fix the banking crisis, “our banks are stronger and richer, and, with the cost of borrowing dropping, banks can and should, therefore, do a lot more to support the growth and expansion of business which will create more jobs under the stable environment that has been provided by Government for that exercise.”

He said the NPP has restored the integrity of Ghana’s economy.

He said government would continue to provide an environment for businesses to flourish.

‘’Ghana is a much better shape than when we took office 31 months ago,’’ he stressed.

 ”Finally, Mr Speaker, I want to make the case that Ghana is in a far better shape now than it was when we took office 31 months ago. 
Growth is higher, banks are stronger. Education funding is at an all-time record high. Health funding is also at a record high. More police are on our streets today than ever before. They are better equipped.

We will deliver on the bauxite, we will deliver on the policy to build a Petrochemical industry. We will support more factories to be built, more farms to be tilled and more doctors and nurses to care for us, more teachers to be attracted to the classroom and more media houses to be free to contribute responsibly towards this all-important accelerated development journey that we are on.

Our challenges may be many, but our opportunities are even more. The future is exciting. Let us build even if we disagree on who the foreman may be. We are building now but a better future for ourselves and more so for our children. Let us continue to believe in Ghana. Let us believe in ourselves. Let us have the courage to be proud about what we are capable of achieving. Be positive. Think positive. Act patriotic. Stand firm. Hard work and integrity should be our mantra. We as a people like the proverbial parable of the weeds, should not be caught asleep for the enemy to plant weeds among the wheat.

Mr. Speaker, the Government of Nana Akufo-Addo should be awake, vigilant and uncompromising in our drive to transforming our economy to a Ghana Beyond Aid.

 We are inspired by J. B Danquah when he says in his Akan Doctrine of God that, “the Spirit of God is abroad even in the Akan of the Gold Coast. We are indeed “adehyea”, a chosen people and Isaiah assures us, those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

 Mr. Speaker, a new Ghana beckons, the Ghana Beyond Aid. A Ghana that pays only for the energy it uses, a Ghana that receives full value for its cocoa, a Ghana that is the hub for continental trade, a Ghana whose infrastructure is world standard, and a Ghana whose children are skilled and working. A patriotic and spiritual people who put the republic first.

 Mr. Speaker, consistent with Article 179 (8) of the 1992 Constitution and Standing Order 143 of this august House I beg to move that this House consider and approve an amount of GH¢6,370,355,925.82 as supplementary estimates to the original appropriation of GH¢78,771,833,602.82 to bring the revised total appropriation to GH¢85,142,189,527.94.”

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