GHAMRO is full of corruption, thievery & liars, God will punish them-Obaapa Christy

Award-winning gospel musician Obaapa Christy has taken Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHMARO) to the cleaners accusing them of cheating musicians.

She is alleging that GHAMRO is giving musicians what they deserve as royalties.

Obaapa Christy opined that executives managing GHAMRO are stealing from the sweat of musicians, filling their pockets and giving musicians little from what they collect.

She made the remarks when she appeared on the mid-morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

The musician felt reluctant in commenting on the issues of her royalties, but when pushed further, she shredded GHAMRO saying, she does not believe they have been accountable to musicians.

To her, GHAMRO is bedevilled with corruption, misappropriation and thievery.

She warned the executives at GHAMRO would pay for taking advantage of musicians.

”Talk to GHAMRO. They are cheating musicians and depriving them of their royalties. They don’t speak the truth. They are a bunch of lairs. They are stealing from musicians. But they should understand that they will pay for their sins,” she added.


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