GHAMRO is cheating musicians, it must be investigated-Guru

Ghanaian rapper Guru has disclosed on Rainbow Entertainment that he does not remember the last time he was paid royalties.

The outspoken musician suggested the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) is cheating musicians.

Per his explanation, the system that could help track how songs are played have been abandoned by GHAMRO because it will not make them get to cheat musicians.

He has therefore called for an exclusive audit of the activities of GHAMRO to ensure that those who are managing the office do what is needful.

The Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) was established under section 49 of the Copyright Law, Act 690 of 2005 and regulated under L.I. 1962 of 2010 to collect and distribute royalties on behalf of authors/composers and other right owners.

Like all other copyright societies, GHAMRO is a non-profit corporate body (limited by guarantee) and therefore all fees collected are distributed among the right owners whose works have been used, in this instance composers, authors and producers, publishers in proportion to the use made of their works.

GHAMRO was formed in December 2011. Before 2011, it existed as the Copyright Society of Ghana (COSGA) which was formed in 1986 and a general body creative products.

After just under three decades, the music arm of COSGA was handed over to GHAMRO, which instituted an interim board to administer its duties. Today the body is headed by the Ghanaian pop star Kojo Antwi who was elected in an election organized in 2015.

But Guru says GHAMRO has not moved up to reasons why it was formed and must be audited.

“When was the last time I was given royalties? I don’t remember. These are the things we need to address. We need to do proper checks. Do you know we have a system that helps to track the number of times songs are played but GHAMRO has abandoned this system because it will expose their corrupt activities? This is what must be investigated,” he added.

Meanwhile, he has opined Rex Omar who heads GHAMRO has failed musicians despite his criticism of the previous administrators of GHAMRO.

He said the majority of musicians are dying as paupers although we have a body that is supposed to protect their music rights.


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