GES/SIC-Life Insurance Policy suspended

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has for the second time suspended the compulsory GES-SIC Life Insurance Policy programme for public school teachers across the country.

The Director-General of the GES, Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa addressing the press on Thursday said the suspension is only temporary and that it would be resumed in September.

He indicated to the media that all teachers who want to opt out of the policy have up to the end of August to pick, fill and submit an exit form.

“As of 6th August, we have written formally to the Controller and Account-General to suspend the programme for August. We are suspending it for August. Subsequently, we will resume in September.

“All those who are not interested, we want them to come up and pick a form. After this month, any staff who does not come out to get his or name removed from the list, is deemed to be a member. However, at any point in time, if you want to exit, you can exit,” he said.

He said 34 out of the 252 staff have had their ¢10 per month contributions which was deducted as part of the policy, refunded to them.

The policy was suspended in 2018 following concerns raised by the teachers.

Under the policy, all teaching and non-teaching staff of the Service who die or suffer a permanent disability would be given a cover of up to ¢18,000 depending on the medical report.

Those who suffer illness such as cancer, stroke, major organ transplant and kidney failure would be given a cover up to ¢9,000. A critical illness that renders a member totally and permanently disabled receives a full pay-out of ¢18,000.

This will attract a monthly premium of ¢10 per month for a member and there is also a cashback of 10% if no claim is made within three years and a monthly premium.


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