G/A Regional to introduce scholarship for Ga-Adangbe children

The Greater Accra Regional Minister Henry Quartey has announced a scholarship package for children of Ga-Adangbe descent.

The package will help beneficiaries access education from the basic to the tertiary level.

Speaking at the 2021 Homowo Lecture series in Accra, the Greater Accra Regional Minister, explained that the move is part of long-term and deliberate measures to bridge educational inequality in Ga-speaking communities.

According to him, the scholarship scheme would help Ga’s gain knowledge and the needed skills needed for the job market and reduce unemployment in the communities.

“We’ve had discussions. I need your help to ensure that Ga-Adangbe students from JHS receive scholarships from us. From Ada to LADMA, even if we are awarding ten scholarships in each place, they could become graduates and serve as civil servants, which will be good for us. I’ll institute a committee to make this happen,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Minister has hinted of Poland to establish an institute to help preserve the history of the Ga people.

“I’ll advise that we should set aside a place to build a centre to preserve our Ga-Adangbe books, history, and archives. We will lobby to get people to donate computers for the facility. Everything is now moving online. We should work on what I’ve spoken about. We can call it the Ga-Adangbe research centre, so our history and everything about us is kept there.”

“We can even roll out the scholarship initiative I spoke about through the secretariat of the research centre. We have to ensure that the facility is ready in a year’s time.”

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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