Funny Face is suffering from bipolar disorder-Tsormanah

Entertainment enthusiast Chris Tsormanah has suggested Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face needs psychiatric examination.

The critic reacting to the actor’s outburst on social media over his marital affairs said he feels Funny Face is suffering from bipolar disorder.

He made the remarks on Rainbow Entertainment when he was reacting to the actor’s recent state of mind and insults he keeps hurling at people who do not side with him on his issues with the mother of his twins.

Funny Face’s Baby Mama, Vanessa has alleged that the former husband abused her several times.

The comic actor released some videos which have his baby mama Vanessa harassing him as he claims that he was always abused by her anytime they have issues.

Funny Face also slammed broadcaster, Maame Yeboah Asiedu for manipulating his former wife.

In a recent interview, Vanessa revealed that the actor abused her whenever they had an issue to the extent that she had to cut him with a plaque to defend herself.

Reacting to the feud, Chris Tsormanah stated that the actor needs psychological support.

He added if care is not taken, the actor could lose his brand ambassadorial deals.

The host of the show, DJ Slash advised the family of the actor to deal with the matter and offer him the support he needs.


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