Force govt to reverse decision to give non-Owoo families Achimota lands- NDC MP to Clergy & others

The Member of Parliament of Builsa South Dr. Clement Apaak, has challenged traditional, religious and civil society organizations to state their position on the reclassification of the Achimota Forest.

The MP, who had already accused the government of using the Owoo family as a conduit to share the Achimota land among friends, families and cronies, said the clergy, organised labour, religious bodies and CSOs should not remain quiet over this issue.

He posited that the government had done great injustice to the people of Ghana, and well-meaning Ghanaians must speak out and demand the return of the portions of the land that have been shared.

”Will the clergy, traditional leaders, and organised labour stand with the people in demanding a reversal of E.144 and the restoration of the excess 243.5 acres of Achimota Forest Reserve lands clandestinely given to non-Owoo family members? There can’t be neutrals in this matter!”

In an earlier statement, the lawmaker noted that it was now clear that the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia NPP government already used the grant of the peripheral portions (constituting only 118 acres) to the Owoo family as a conduit to share the Achimota Forest Reserve lands.

He asserted that the Owoo family was only given 118 acres but the government declassified and released over 361 acres of land.

He, therefore, wants to know the persons who were allocated the land.

“The Owoo family was granted only 118 acres of the peripheral portions of the Achimota forest in 2013. Why then has the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia NPP government reclassified and released 361.5 acres? Who are the beneficiaries of the excess of 243.5 acres? The extra 243.5 acres of the land reclassified by the government is not going to the Owoo family, so who are the non-Owoo family beneficiaries?”

This Achimota Forest Reserve land matter should capture the attention and warrant [an] action of the Special Prosecutor. Using entrusted power for private and personal gain is corruption. This is criminal and must be roundly condemned by real patriotic Ghanaians. We must demand a reversal of this loot and share of the Achimota Forest Reserve lands immediately,” he added.


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