Fitness centres without certified instructors to be shutdown-Association

Nana Adu Mankata II, the President of the National Sports for all Association, has disclosed that persons who operate fitness centres would be required to be licensed.

He indicated that operators of fitness centres can not just employ people because they are ‘machomen’.

He explained that fitness and training are not for unqualified persons and there is an effort to ensure that persons who offer such services would be certified.

He was speaking to Wallace Worlanyo Wallace on Rainbow Sports

“Before you become a fitness instructor, you have to be certified and given a license and an identification. We will soon require that all managers of fitness centres would employ only certified and licensed fitness trainers. If they fail to do so, their fitness centres would be shut down”.

He also warned a task force would soon be inaugurated to enforce the directive.

He added that they are currently working on a sensitization programme for the operators before the directive is enforced.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal/

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