Finance Ministry’s engagement with Minority on E-Levy ends inconclusively

The meeting between the Finance Ministry and the Minority in parliament on the E-Levy ended inconclusively.

The Ministry reached out to the leadership of the opposition in parliament on e-levy today, Thursday, January 27, 2022.

However, Rainbow Radio has gathered that they were told that consultation was not limited to explaining to people what you want to do but adding their opinions and ideas to what you want to implement.

We also gathered that the position of the Minority remains the same (opposing the levy) as the position of the government remains the same (to implement the levy).

Currently, the only option left for the House is to vote on the bill.

The E-levy is a new tax measure introduced by the government in the 2022 Budget on basic transactions related to digital payments and electronic platform transactions.

A charge of 1.75% will apply to electronic transactions that are more than GHS 100 daily.

But t6he levy has faced opposition from the Minority and other groups as well as individuals and the Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana.


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