‘Fighting Corruption in Ghana is impossible’-Akpaloo

The Founder and leader of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Mr Percival Kofi Akpaloo has opined that fighting corruption is like chasing the wind.

He says it is an impossible fight or unachievable to fight corruption because ‘’how do we fight against corruption? How do you fight against corruption?’’

The aspiring president believes what we need to do is to develop a mechanism internally 5o deal with the canker.

‘’If we want to fight against corruption, we would have to build an internal control mechanism or preventive measures to deter people from engaging in the act,’’ he said.

Mr. Akpaloo said the two major political parties, the NDC and NPP have not made up their mind to fight against corruption and he was the only one to deal with the canker.

Detailing some reasons for corruption he Ghana, the politician mentioned vote-buying in political parties internal elections.

He bemoaned the rate at which contestants or aspirants buy television sets and other items to make delegates vote for them in internal elections, a situation he suggested breeds grand corruption in public office since politicians try to recoup the monies they spent on their campaigns when elected.
Mr. Kofi Akpaloo said ‘’both the NDC and NPP are guilty of this crime. When you share flat-screen television sets, motorbikes, mobile phones and other items and come and tell me we can fight against corruption, and then you are joking. We cannot fight with this attitude. We have accepted that we are corrupt by this practice.’’
If you spend a lot of money on internal elections, how much more the main elections? When people pay delegates to vote for them, they will surely steal from the state when they assume power,’’ he added.
He was worried people are forced to waste money on elections just because they want to win political power as MPs or a president.
‘’Until Ghanaians will vote for Mr. Akpaloo to assume office, corruption will continue to destroy us. The two parties cannot deal with the canker, vote for me and I will make it unattractive,’’ he concluded.

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