Embracing the new normalcy- Fighter Jasper Nuako writes

On the 11th of May will be two months since corona virus which along the line was named Covid-19 was declared as an international public health emergency or a global pandemic. 
Yet, so far, so good, a lot of resources in various forms have been put into the fight against this novel disease despite the huge number of death toll, may their soul Rest In Peace.
Ranging from millions of dollars flying across accounts of affected countries, the likes of donations in kind such as PPEs and test kit from notable organizations around the world such as Jack Ma Foundation. 
In the same vein, but at the individual level, there have been a gross donations from philanthropists, and other wealthy and well meaning individuals to the neediest in the society amidst the global economy shock with the lockdowns in various countries. 
All the above are signs of hope and victory in disguised against the Covid-19. But socially these are tremendous and commendable public effort which has enhanced in flattening the curve since people have to remain indoors for a successful contact tracing.

Hence to contextualize, the world preparation towards lifting lockdowns and assuming full usual economic, social and political activities have not being an easy decision, since the spread of the virus has indifferent curves among countries. 
Thus the policies been stipulated so far with the aim of reducing the spread have yield relative results in around the world. Yet there is a negative sign with regard to the rate of spread globally which is a great improvement.

However, the global economy, social and political have taken on a new outlook of which we need to appreciate and enlighten more on it for a better restart of the world. 
This outlook is not an alien but in simple terms a new way of life.

These new ways includes the all new sense of fashion; either casual or cooperate it should include a MUST wearing of nose mask irrespective of the purpose of the dressings or fashion.

Again, digital supply chain; those within the supply chain industry must review their ways of carrying out transactions by possibly reducing human contact. This very practices must be accepted by retailers by putting in place delivery systems which shall continue to help in flattening the curve as we open up businesses. Our refusal to regards such orders shall lead to a hike in the spread of the deadly virus. Of which the repercussions shall not hesitate to be worse than ever.

Also digital banking; which is one subject that has already taken form but need a boost in these times. This is by means of educating and encouraging the public to migrate onto a digital money transactions platforms such as mobile money, credit card and mobile banking. Please tell Auntie Ama and Papa Nii that using credit card is not 666.

Improving humanitarian support; this also involves evolving socialism latently in capitalist by ways of assisting the vulnerable in our society either by governmental, cooperate organizations or individual support to sustain lives. Therefore there MUST be a monthly token or social to those living below the poverty line or providing of housing support to individuals affected by the economic instability due to the pandemic.

More so, learning new sense of mass gathering; which is by shifting a bit away from the traditional way of public gathering, that’s avoiding handshakes (social distancing).

Finally being health consciousness, at this point in a pandemic state, there must be a greater change in our mentality about visiting hospitals, usually that’s only when we are severely sick, specifically Africans.
By all possible ways of overcoming this novel virus, health protocols pertaining to it must be paramount in our daily life such as using of hands Sanitizers and eating nutritious or balanced diet to improve our immune system. Despite the obvious challenges with our health systems, we must make it a point of duty to visit for checkups.

In doing so, the governments around the globe must be committed to bridging the loopholes exposed by this pandemic in their health sector and others to help reduce the death rate.
That is for a country to resume all of her normal activities there must be the need to implement and adopt to these new global diverse culture. Whereas the medical research on a vaccine which shall be the final antidote to the ill challenge is also in full force but of no assurance of time lines.

And as far as livelihood can not remain stagnant for any longer because the developing economies around the globe may end up on a life support and in a fragile state which shall cause social economic havoc and then doubling their ordeals.

However, this humble recommendations which is also in accordance with a report released on 3rd of May, 2020 by the WHO which a gist reads “ In total the committee outlined more than 20 recommendations for WHO covering areas including stepping up support for vulnerable countries and strengthen global food supply chain. Guidance on the resumption of the international travel was also suggested “.

This statement vividly points out on how the WHO is strategically planning to updating countries and businesses on how to go about their ordinary routine since life cannot be stopped until there is a cure but health precautions can be observed mandatory as we resume.

This is difficult issue but it’s the optimal at this moment where the normalcy of the society should be when you find not only mirror in bags of ladies nor pen in pockets of gentlemen but also a hand sanitizer and if possible more than one nose mask of which these new way of life must be enforce by law just as Accra Metro has done,NO MASK, NO ENTRY.

This is my humble plea if the world may consider and appreciate it like condoms are now a part of sex life due to the outbreak of HIV/AIDS in the early 1981 for life to go on. As well as social distancing, wearing of nose mask and using of hand sanitizer on regular basis must not be frown upon, for it’s the new culture.

Written by Fighter Jasper Nuako
Follow on Twitter @NuakoJasper

__The Author is a member of the Economic Fighters League.__

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