EFL slams Police over ‘Sakawa Demo’, calls on Ghanaians to resist Agyapa Deal

The Economic Fighters League has slammed the Ghana Police Service describing it as selective.

The youth group based their description on the recent demonstration held by a group in Akyem who staged their displeasure over the ‘Akyem Sakawa Mafia’ tag.

The Fighters League wants to know if the Executive Orders placed on demonstrations were over since they were denied a similar request to stage a vigil in memory of the late Madam Akua Denteh who was lynched over witchcraft accusation.

The group in its statement said the elitist and selective approach of the Ghana Police in executing their duties, should be condemned.

They have therefore asked Ghanaians who feel insulted by the Agyapa Royalties ”fraudulent deal” to stand-up and join them to protest and have the deal suspended.

The statement which was signed by Hardi Yakubu, Fighter General said: ”’The question that begs to be asked now is, is the COVID-19 pandemic over? Has the President’s directive on political gatherings been lifted?

Are the demonstrators in this event more Ghanaian than the rest of us who wanted to call for justice for Madam Akua Denteh and other women facing such injustices?

The selectiveness of the Ghana Police Service speaks to the class nature of the system in Ghana and clearly demonstrates how the Ghana Police Service has become a tool used by those in power to serve their interest at all times.

Justice for Akua Denteh is injuncted because she is a poor and unknown woman yet a demonstration against “Akyem Sakawa boys” is allowed because it is by those whose actions benefit the few in executive positions today, stealing our collective resources.

We condemn this elitist and selective approach of the Ghana Police in executing their duties.

We call on all Ghanaians who equally feel insulted by the blatant stealing involved in the Agyapa Minerals Royalty robbery to ready themselves to join any mass protests organised by any group of concerned persons to cause a halting of the Agyapa fraud since the Ghana police has officially opened the doors for political mass movements.

Every being resident in Ghana has inalienable rights which they must be free to assert without fear or favour. The Economic Fighters League will continue to demand that the rights and liberties enshrined in human rights charters at both continental and global levels are respected, and will continue to challenge Ghana Police Service and any other state organ that seeks to deny the People of Ghana those rights.”

Read the full statement below

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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