Duke Micah was unprepared- Coach Ansah

Boxing coach Ofori Ansah has opined that Duke Micah was unprepared for his recent fight which he was knocked down in Round 3 by Filipino John Riel Casimero.

Speaking to Rainbow Sports, he stated that the boxer was not ready judging from the first round to the third round where he was knocked down.

The trainer for the Amateur Boxing Association described his defeat as shocking and although he [Ansah] cannot be specific for his defeat, it was clear that Duke Micah was not prepared psychologically.

He said ”Duke Micah’s defeat was shocking. I cannot state specifically what caused his downfall but when I evaluate his performance, he was unprepared. He is not prepared psychologically.

Coach Ofori Ansah said there was something with the boxer because he is a strong boxer who could have won the bout.

Duke Micah failed in his bid to annex the WBO Bantamweight title after losing via a third round TKO against Filipino John Riel Casimero.

The powerful Filipino knocked down Micah in the second round and stopped him in the third round of their scheduled 12-round fight for Casimero’s WBO bantamweight title.

Reacting to this, Coach Ansah said he was shocked but the boxer was unprepared.

He admonished boxers to prepare adequately before fighting.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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