Dr. Lartey confident of massive victory after he was cleared to contest 2020 polls

The presidential candidate of the Great Consolidated Popularly Party (GCPP), Dr. Henry Lartey has expressed joy and readiness to win the 2020 presidential election after he was cleared by the Electoral Commission (EC) and 11 other candidates to contest in the December 7, polls.

Speaking exclusively to Rainbowradioonlne.com moments after the EC announced persons who qualified for the presidential election, he said the GCPP is clear in its mind that the domestication philosophy will turn the economy of Ghana around.

Through this philosophy, he indicated that he will follow the agenda of his late father of “eat what you grow and grow what you eat to help turn the economy around”.

He believes Ghana can reenergize itself economically, industrially, and socially through domestication.

Dr. Lartey, an agronomist was not worried about the number of contestants but rather pleased because we had 17 and the EC went through a tough time in ensuring that only the qualified candidates contest, a situation he described as a lot of work.

He sent his congratulatory message to the EC chair Mrs. Jean Mensa adding he was hopeful Ghana is going to have one of the best and credible elections in our history.

He shot down claims that the 2020 polls would be rigged in favour of the ruling governing saying the processes involved in the organization of the elections are open enough for the contestants to see and be part of.

Dr. Henry Lartey said elections are lost and won at the ballot and there was no way the EC that is the referee would rig it in favour of a candidate.

He said the EC will do a good job of safeguarding Ghana’s democracy.

He added the 2020 polls would be a phenomenon as 12 persons are going to fight through tooth and nail but the GCPP will emerge as winners.

He stressed the agenda of the party is to promote farming by encouraging organic production of crops for export because there is a huge market for it.

He also reiterated the position of the party to make Ghana the hub for solar energy.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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