Dr. Apaak Supports Self Help Road Work in Kanjarga

The Member of Parliament for Builsa South has provided support to help fix deplorable portions of the Fumbisi-Kanjarga-Doninga road.

His action is in response to an appeal by the Chief and people of Kanjarga towards fixing portions of the Fumbisi-Kanjarga-Doninga road, given its horrible state.

The Kanjarga-Doninga road was first awarded by the John Mahama administration in 2015.

This contract had dedicated funding from funds for cocoa roads.

The NDC had consistently stated that after losing power in 2016, the Nana Addo-Bawumiah administration abrogated the contract because the catchment area was not a cocoa-growing area. They then promised to repackage and re-award the road.

An aide to the MP, Mr. Samson Samani in a statement explained that ”On the 24th February 2021, the communication director of the NPP in the Builsa South Constituency posted pictures of a grader working on the road and stated emphatically that the road construction has commenced. Since then, nothing has been heard from the said contractor and no work has been done again.

The Hon. Member of Parliament of Builsa South, Dr. Clement Apaak paid for the services of PAC Group, owners of a grader to dig and pile gravel to assist in the gravelling of the Kanjarga road.

In addition to the 5000ghc that he donated towards the road works during the Feok festival, he made the following additional expenses directly and, via the Chief of Kanjarga. The Chief assured the Hon MP that, he will make this known to the committee put together to oversee the road works:
(1) Grader for a day 2800ghc (paid directly to Grader owner) +
(2) Fuel for Grader for a day 1500ghc (via Chief) +
(3) Transport Grader back 2000ghc (via Chief)
1+2+3 = ghc6,300

If we add the earlier donation of ghc 5000 to the recent ghc 6300 expenses, the M.P has supported the road works with 11,300ghc so far.

This and many other magnanimous sacrifices the MP makes from his personal resources towards the development of Kanjarga and Builsa South in general point to his unflinching love for his constituents. The MP’s joy is in seeing his constituency progress. That is why he would always sacrifice the comfort of his immediate family for the general good of his constituents,” the statement concluded.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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