Don’t expect to win a cup when you keep changing coaches anyhow-Agyemang Badu

Former Ghanaian midfielder Emmanuel Agyemang Badu, has averred that the senior national team will never win a cup if we keep changing our coaches at the least opportunity.

He said Ghanaians should not expect a cup soon if we don’t stop changing our coaches anyhow.

He was speaking on Rainbow Sports over the challenges confronting Ghana and its inability to break the 40-year drought.

When asked what specifically was affecting the nation and its inability to win trophies, he attributed the issue to two main reasons including the transition to the national team and coaching.

The changing of national team coaches is not helping us as a country and we must address that.

Over the past six years, we have changed more than 10 coaches.

“You can’t build a team by changing coaches every time. You look at Senegal, they have not won any cup but look at their coach. He has been with them for six years. The transition is bad, the changing of the coaches is one too many. If we don’t stop that, the value would be the same.

He said the transition of players to the national team has become cheap and ineffective.

He noted that just any kind of player is called to join the team without any track record.

He asserted that, unlike the past where players were selected based on merit and their quality of play.

Responding to a question on what is affecting the team in winning the cup, he said Ghana has no transition in place to select players for the national team.

He told host Isaac Worlanyo Wallace that the majority of Ghanaians don’t even know whether the Black Meteos is functioning.

He asked where are the players who were part of the Under 20 that represented Ghana at WAFU?

Emmanuel Agyemang Badu went on to state that I have always complained over how we have selected players for the national team.

During our time, we went through all the transitions. I knew the terrain I was in and knew what Ghanaians wanted. Samuel Inkoom went through it. Dede Ayew himself went through it. Where os the transition? There is no transition. Harrison Afful and Rabiu Mohammed all went through the tradition.”


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