Don Little refused alcohol in US bar

A bartender in the United States has refused to sell alcohol to Ghanaian diminutive actor, Don Little claiming he is a child.

The bartender asked him to go next door and buy either Pepsi of Coca-Cola.

Not even an explanation from the actor could convince the bartender that he was above the required age to consume alcohol.

“You don’t want to sell it for me? I don’t like Pepsi, I’m not a kid, you know,” Don Little said.

The bartender jokingly agreed saying, “I know. You have the voice of an old man” but he stood his ground.

Don Little at a New York bar

We're pressing charges😂😂😂————So our 'old man' Don Little went to a bar in New York to lick a few shots to suppress the cold, the bartender asked him to go next door for Coke and Pepsi.

Posted by OMGVoice on Wednesday, March 11, 2020


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