DK Poison has been badly treated, he must, be hugely compensated-Game Boy

Ghanaian boxer, Emmanuel ‘The Game Boy’ Tagoes has expressed disgust at how Ghana’s celebrated boxer, David ‘DK Poison’ Kotei has been treated.

Speaking on Rainbow Sports, the boxer said the nation has failed to honour the boxer for his selfless and dedication, to the country.

‘Game Boy’ said from how the retired boxer has been treated, it is not worth dying for the country.

In a passionate tone, the boxer said it is evil for the boxer to have loaned his money to the state, but never got his money refunded to him several years after the incident.

He said Ghanaians must bow their heads in shame over the incident.

”DK Poison is a legendary boxer. He as the first Ghanaian boxer who won a world title for Ghana. He should be celebrated, but from what has happened, I think our leaders are wicked. He was the one who made the world know about Ghana. I will encourage our leaders to do what is needful and support the retired boxer,” he said.

”I am devastated and feel as if I am the one who is being treated like this,” he added.

D.K Poison has written a petition to President Akufo-Addo revealing that Akufo-Addo is his ‘last hope’ to get back a loan he gave the country he loves in 1976.

The petition from what we have gathered has to do with D.K poison’s unpaid loan he gave to the government of Ghana way back in 1976 when he was approached under an emergency.


D.K Poison who is now 68 years old, loaned the Ignatius Kutu Acheampong led administration an amount of $45,000 which is equivalent to $232,231.50 today and the cedi value of GHC 1,120,361.

On September 20, 1975, David Kotei, better known as “DK Poison,” became Ghana’s first-ever world champion, capturing the WBC World featherweight title with a 15-round split decision win over Ruben Olivares at the forum in Inglewood, California.

The Ghanaian defended the belt three times – he defeated David Sotelo, Flipper Uehara and Shig FukuYama.

The $45,000 money was the cash award he earned after defeating Fuku Yama.

The government of Ghana was so broke at the time that they had to borrow his money to purchase canned mackerel to mitigate the harsh conditions the country was facing then.

Unfortunately for him, shortly after the canned mackerels arrived in Ghana, Acheampong’s regime was overthrown by the Jerry Rawlings’ coup. Acheampong was subsequently executed by the new military regime, and since then, the boxing legend has been chasing his money.

After the coup, D.K Poison said he went to see “Chairman Rawlings” about the cash and was referred to one Nathan Kwao who incidentally was also in government during Acheampong’s time, but Nathan Kwao told D.K Poison that he thought the canned mackerels were ‘D.K Poison’s gift’ to the state.

D.K Poison after meeting with Nathan Kwao didn’t give up on the chase for his money. He petitioned the late former president John Evans Atta Mills (during his presidency) about the same issue, but unfortunately, steps initiated by the late president could not be completed before he passed on. John Mahama also ignored him.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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