Dishonesty, political division making the economic situation worse- Ken Agyapong

Aspiring presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential primaries of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kennedy Agyapong says the level of dishonesty on the part of Ghanaians has been part of the reasons why we are suffering.

The lawmaker says business owners and taxpayers are not truthful in filing their tax returns or the duty they pay after importation.

In his explanation, he said the level of dishonesty is so high that some hospitals that imported health equipment or receive donations donate only a small portion of the equipment and sell the rest.

This he lamented was terrible since it meant that the hospitals cheat the system so they will not pay duty on the items they sold.

For him, these are some of the reasons the government introduce measures that seem harsh for business owners in the country.

He noted that the Lebanese and Indians realized how dishonest Ghanaians were and hence brought in their nationals to work for them depriving Ghanaians of opportunities.

He said Ghanaians have no conscience and do not even think of their dependents when working but are only interested in stealing from their employers.

He posited that “there is some attitude about Ghanaians where those who are honest and work as their employers expect are castigated and insulted for doing what was right”.

Mr. Agyapong reiterated his desire to contest the presidential race and has promised to use his first 100 days to conscientize Ghanaians on the need, to be honest.

“I have expressed interest in contesting as President. If elected as President, I will use my first 100 says to conscientize Ghanaians to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana. If you are wealthy and cross the shores of Ghana, nobody respects you. So why can’t we develop Ghana? Some Ghanaians travel abroad to work and are adjudged the best workers. Why can’t we do the same here?

This is because the systems there work. Out there, you do not get your parents, an uncle, and your pastor to go and beg for you. When you are late for work, you will be sacked. If you fail to pay your rent, you dare not give your landlord an excuse, he or she would evict you. Why can we not do the same here?”

Meanwhile, he has opined that division is another major threat to Ghana’s development.

He lamented that there is no unity in this country because the country is so polarised.

He expressed his readiness to share his vision as president with the opposition NDC if elected as president so they can help him in developing the country.

“There is no unity in this country. The country is so polarised. If we don’t have unity, we can’t develop this country. I will share my vision with the NDC and let them understand what I can’t do so they will support me. That does not mean I don’t know what I want to do. That is what I call collective support. We want collective support and when we unite to develop Ghana, we can make a difference in this country,” he said.


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