Delay in issuing collective bargaining certificate is stimulating agitations- MELPWU

The Medical Laboratory Professional Workers’ Union has raised issues over what it described as avoidable delays in issuing the collective bargaining certificate to members of the union.

The Union says the situation is beginning to stimulate some agitation among the rank and file of our members.

”We wish to put on record that the Medical Laboratory Professional Workers Union (MELPWU) is known to our membership and it is important to report that members voluntarily formed and joined the MELPWU for the protection of their socioeconomic rights. This quest to have a unique trade union for the Medical Laboratory Professional Class of Health Workers in Ghana dates back as far as 2012 and our members have been waiting earnestly for it.

While we are satisfied with the outcome of this verification, we would like to raise concerns about the avoidable delays in issuing the certificate which is beginning to stimulate some agitation among the rank and file of our members.

It is our considered view that due processes had been followed hence MELPWU should be issued with the collective bargaining certificate. The illegal and unsubstantiated claims raised by the opposing forces is only aimed at frustrating the process to their advantage and that must not be allowed.

The professional body is an interested party and will not be aloof for any form of injustice and unfairness done to MELPWU,” the statement said.

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