Defeated NPP candidate bemoans monetization of polls, reveals he paid each delegate Ghc1,000

A defeated contestant in the New Patriotic Party’s Ashanti Regional Chairmanship position, Robert Asare Bediako, has admitted to paying Ghc1,000 to each delegate in the regional polls with the hope of securing the chairmanship position but lost.

According to him, despite paying the money to the delegates, they failed to vote for him.

He opined that the election was monetized hence his defeat.

“Whiles I was paying each delegate ¢1,000, I thought I would win but some paid more than me so the delegates also gave in to the highest bidder and it’s very worrying the trend of monetization in our body politics,” Mr Asare Bediako, made this known in an interview on Akoma FM on Monday, May 30.

He has asked the party to deal with the issue since it will create problems for the party in the future.

He also urged the party to review the current electoral college system.

In his view, the current system allows for gross corruption which contributes to the monetization issues.


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